Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Favorites - Simple, Unique Wedding Cakes

I really enjoy baking, decorating, and eating cake. But I am not a big fan of huge, overly perfected cakes. Why? Because they just don't taste as good. I don't like the taste of fondant and prefer the homey look of a whipped buttercream iced cake. 

The trend of having multiple small cakes of different flavors appeals to me as well. Guests can pick and choose, and guess what? So can you! I can never ever decide between a good dense lemon cake with thick lemon icing, the airy yellow cake with decadent chocolate buttercream, or a good red velvet with homemade cream cheese icing. I'll take all three! 

And I must mention that I adore cake stands. I like flea market finds and the adventure looking for a specific item leads you on is always zany and entertaining. 

Wedding Cake Photo Sources:

5. Martha Stewart Single Tier Initial Cakes - my personal favorite

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