Saturday, March 23, 2013

A little bit late, Pink Ombre Valentine's Inspiration

This inspiration board was design for a Valentine's Day Blog Post on the WV Weddings Planner's Palette Blog. Better late than never when it comes to a Pretty Pink Ombre Inspiration board.

Since this is late I am going to share what fun I had preparing this set of inspiration boards. I now do two a month, one for WV Weddings (my native state) and one for bridebook, the new wedding publication I am a founding member of at Leisure Publishing in Roanoke, Va. I am living out a dream working on an official wedding magazine and these inspiration boards are the proverbial icing on the cake.  Speaking of cake, can I please have a taste of #5 on this board, gosh, it's so perfect looking! 
Now on to the original text:

What's the perfect Valentine's Day wedding trend? A pink or red ombre color scheme. The cascading colors from red to pink to blush to ivory blend for a romantic, trendy Valentine's wedding celebration.
Your options with an ombre palette are limitless. For a very creative take, one DIY bride painted bottles in various pinks, peaches, and creams for a fun budget and environmentally friendly center piece (#6). And the ombre theme doesn't just have to start at the reception—a series of cream, pink, and dark pink ribbons can be layered (#7) for an incredible backdrop to your vows.
Of course, the fun part of an ombre palette is picking out a cake with cascading color layers and a matching candy bar for guests to take home lots of fun Valentine's inspired goodies.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Beauties: Hyacinths for the bridebook Blog

My favorite March flowers are hyacinths. Their refreshing fragrance and pastel colors are exciting reminders of the beauty to come in the spring and summer seasons.

Hyacinths in pale blue and white placed sporadically in vintage jars make for unique and fragrant centerpieces (#1). Continue the the vintage charm with a cool getaway vehicle (#6) and some fun neck ties for the guys (#8).

Your wedding dress can even fit the theme literally, Jenny Packham’s “Hyacinth” dress is a spring beauty in its own right (#2).


Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Beauty for WV Weddings

My favorite March flowers are hyacinths. Their fragrance and pastel colors are an angelic reminder of warmth and re-growth of the spring season.  

Hyacinths in pale blue and white make a perfect palette for a charming early spring wedding (#2) Continue the casual charm of the season with navy suit jackets and khakis for the guys and pale blue seersucker dresses on the girls (#8). 

Your wedding dress can even fit the theme literally, Jenny Packham's "Hyacinth" dress is a spring beauty in it's own right (#3).