Saturday, March 23, 2013

A little bit late, Pink Ombre Valentine's Inspiration

This inspiration board was design for a Valentine's Day Blog Post on the WV Weddings Planner's Palette Blog. Better late than never when it comes to a Pretty Pink Ombre Inspiration board.

Since this is late I am going to share what fun I had preparing this set of inspiration boards. I now do two a month, one for WV Weddings (my native state) and one for bridebook, the new wedding publication I am a founding member of at Leisure Publishing in Roanoke, Va. I am living out a dream working on an official wedding magazine and these inspiration boards are the proverbial icing on the cake.  Speaking of cake, can I please have a taste of #5 on this board, gosh, it's so perfect looking! 
Now on to the original text:

What's the perfect Valentine's Day wedding trend? A pink or red ombre color scheme. The cascading colors from red to pink to blush to ivory blend for a romantic, trendy Valentine's wedding celebration.
Your options with an ombre palette are limitless. For a very creative take, one DIY bride painted bottles in various pinks, peaches, and creams for a fun budget and environmentally friendly center piece (#6). And the ombre theme doesn't just have to start at the reception—a series of cream, pink, and dark pink ribbons can be layered (#7) for an incredible backdrop to your vows.
Of course, the fun part of an ombre palette is picking out a cake with cascading color layers and a matching candy bar for guests to take home lots of fun Valentine's inspired goodies.