Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favorites - Aquamarine Rings

I adore the color of the Aquamarine Gemstone. The pale blue translucence exhibits a calm that almost seems to transcend to the lucky owner.  Perhaps the age-old associate with the ocean lends to it's peace-inducing aura. 

However, this beautiful gemstone comes with mixed warnings regarding the daily wearability of the gem. It rates as a 7.5 to 8 in hardness on the Mohs Scale, less durable than the top dog, diamond at 10 and a ruby at 9.  

Making the decision to have an aquamarine rings depends on your specific tastes, uses for the rings, and daily activity. If you tend to be hard on your hands and want to wear a ring daily, do not choose an aquamarine. However, if you are willing to do occasional wear or are gentle on your hands and  are prepared to clean the ring consistently and often, aquamarine can be a enchanting choice. 

Additional Aquamarine Tips:

Ring Sources
Top L-R:  
Seed & Pod Eternity BandSterling Silver $373 | Simply Princess Solitaire, Sterling Silver $871 | Stackable Marquise Leaf Ring, 14K White Gold $511

Center L-R:

Two-Finger Vine Ring, 14K Rose Gold with Sapphire $9,256 | Natalie Ring Round Cut Ring, 14K Rose Gold $2,061 Princess Aquamarine Ring, 14K Rose Gold $1,153

Bottom L-R: 

Samantha Emerald-Cut Ring14K Yellow Gold with Diamonds $1,138 | Solo Oval Ring, 14K Yellow Gold Ring $885 | Button Band14K Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds $636

Monday, August 22, 2011

Official Contributing Blogger for WV Weddings- First Post

I am supremely excited for my latest blogging adventure. I am a contributing blogger for the West Virginia Wedding Magazine's "Planners Palette". The inspiration board below is my first submission of many. 

West Virginia Late Summer Wedding Inspiration 

Cream, Dusty Rose, Sage, and Wheat

The thought of a late summer wedding in West Virginia brings images of heirloom treasures, family traditions, cool mountain breezes, and a celebration filled with the closest of friends and family. 

As summer comes to an end and gives way to cooler evenings and golden hues in the fields, celebrating outdoors will provide the perfect backdrop for an casual chic wedding. 

With a palette of cream, rose, sage, and wheat, your celebration expresses an air of country charm and understated elegance. 

Off-white and flowing the empire waist gown dances in the evening breeze. A light, effortless dress speaks to a bygone era but is made unique and modern by combining a mix of rose, cream, and ivory colors and figure-flattering styles among the ‘maids.

Bouquets and floral arrangements of antique hydrangeas and ranunculus, sage table linens, and burlap accents add the finishing touches to a simple, elegant celebration of love.  

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favorites - Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums remind me so much of fall and fall is definitely in the air! My father is a very passionate flower gardener, certainly where I picked up my love of all the things floral, and he adores mums. 

Each fall he has half dozen or so pots of gold, fire, and crimson mums gracing the steps of not only my childhood home, but the church steps he and my mother attend, my sister's home and I am sure my father's next visit to my apartment will bring a mum or two in tow. 

So why did the make my Friday Favorite list? Of course the reason above is simply enough, but I know everyone doesn't share the same sentimental memories as I do for this flower. The Chrysanthemum is in season during the fall and is an economical flower, huge benefits to your wallet and the environment. The mum is also a sturdy flower all the do-it-yourself brides that will be tying their own bouquets and comes in a large array of colors. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Favorites - Judd Waddell

I, of course, must pay homage to the dress that made Judd Waddell one of my favorite designers:

The story behind this is something of an epiphany as I am preparing this blog. I have long praised any designer for simplicity and classic design, as I am not a trendy nor frilly critic. But this dress wins my praise and adoration for something that Judd Waddell could never control, sentimental value. 

Imagine walking into your beloved grandmother's home. When I do this much practiced visualization, I enter through her backdoor, which opens to a narrow kitchen; I see an apple crisp cooling on the counter and hear a Pittsburgh Pirates game droning on in the background. As I bypass the kitchen and walk through the "piano room", I pass four sets of wedding portraits. One portrait is of my mother and the other 3 are my aunts. And this is where the realization hit me; I adore the above dress because it mirrors the dress my maternal Aunt Mary Edith wore in her wedding during the 1950's. 

Not only is the dress and shape very similar, it's the models pose and backdrop complete with monochromatic chairs that instill love of this dress in my mind. 

In conclusion to this little epiphany, I have to praise not only the designer for this dress, but the art director and photographer, who understand the long standing classic style of this particular dress collection. To be so spot on with their understanding of the woman that would see herself in this dress, speaks to the experience and excellence of all involved. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

42 Years of Marriage

My parents are celebrating their 42nd Wedding Anniversary today. They truly are role models and inspiration in this uncertain life. I think their success stems from the fact that they understand life's trails and tribulations. They've gone through everything with one emotional characteristic that is the glue that binds our family together: humor.

This year is special for them because my Father joined my Mother in retirement about 6 weeks ago. They are on their second honeymoon, or I should say first as they never took a honeymoon all those years ago. They have certainly earned this fun, relaxing time.