Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Wonderland Wedding Celebration as seen the WV Weddings Blog

Dreaming of a white Christmas and planning a winter wedding? Why not unite the two dreams and plan a formal monochromatic winter affair. White, silver, and gray are perfect winter colors. They are at once indicative of the cold winter atmosphere but sophisticated and inviting. Adding natural elements like miniature pine cones and painted twigs with a little silver glitter and perhaps some shinny snowflake designs add wonderful winter whimsy to your beautiful winter wonderland. 

Happy Holidays! 


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wooly Warm Wedding as seen on the WV Weddings Blog

Cool weather is finally here and as we pull out our wool blankets and flannel sheets we can draw inspiration from their warmth and natural origins. 

This board focuses on a wedding that is truly homegrown in the mountains of WV: unique textures,  rustic, natural bouquets, and unexpected patterns. 

Pine cone bouquets are a unique, inexpensive, DIY way to give your wedding a funky flair and with the added bonus of that "pine fresh" smell.  Wool blankets in plaid patterns can be used as tablecloths or maybe a much need cloak during outdoor photos. 

Treat guests to artisan cheeses from nearby farms and local wine, just wipe the dust off the bottle. Stick with tradition and offer birdseed for tossing and birdseed ornaments as a natural favor to send guests on their happy way.