Friday, July 26, 2013

Romantic Gold & Blush Celebration

Gold & Blush Wedding Inspiration Board created for WV Weddings

July is a month known for it's warm weather celebrations and my inspiration comes from the latest wedding trend: sequins. They are at once romantic, trendy and very celebratory. 

The gorgeous sequin gown in spot #2, would be an elegant, yet nontraditional wedding dress for the bride wishing to shine all night. 

Continue the sequins theme through to a table cloth for accent as in images #1 & #5 and in image #7, a cake baker has abstracted sequins for a delicious looking sweet treat. 

Roses, peonies, and babies breath would be the perfect simple bouquet accompaniment to a shiny dress and table setting.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Classic Navy and Peony Pink - More on the Pattern Play Theme

Want to have a classic affair but not seem stuffy? This distinguished color palette is elegant with a playful twist: the incorporation of prints and patterns of polka dots, chevrons, and stripes.

Keep the theme subtle for the ceremony with a demure polka dot pattern in your wedding dress (#1), clothe your ‘maids in elegant lace (#7) with a stripped ribbon on the bouquet  (#5) and have your groom wear a fun, but gentlemanly bow tie with stripes (#4).

Kick the fun up a notch at the reception with chevron napkins (#8), flags (#6), and details on your cake that match your dress or bouquet. In this cake’s case (#11) peonies are in season and a simple navy blue ribbon surround the outside.

Send guests home with salt water taffy in your wedding colors, a fun summer-time treat!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Peonies and Pattern Play

Navy, pink, stripes, and polka dots come together with sophistication and flair.

Love stripes and polka dots but don't want an overly vintage affair? 
Make it modern by choosing a bold base color (navy, in this case) and a bright, modern color (magenta) and incorporate plenty of white into your palette. 

Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns: the invitations in this board incorporate dots and stripes in a pleasing manner. Pick a dress with a very fine dotted fabric for a fun, romantic, yet modern dress and incorporate your beautiful dress design into the cake. Need more pattern ideas? To not overwhelm the decorations, keep the prints to accessories. Think ribbons on place settings, dots on ties for your groom, and funky stripes on your own heels

Incorporate large blooms of peonies into your theme for an in-season, simple addition to your fun-loving affair. 
Have fun planning!