Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favorites - Aquamarine Rings

I adore the color of the Aquamarine Gemstone. The pale blue translucence exhibits a calm that almost seems to transcend to the lucky owner.  Perhaps the age-old associate with the ocean lends to it's peace-inducing aura. 

However, this beautiful gemstone comes with mixed warnings regarding the daily wearability of the gem. It rates as a 7.5 to 8 in hardness on the Mohs Scale, less durable than the top dog, diamond at 10 and a ruby at 9.  

Making the decision to have an aquamarine rings depends on your specific tastes, uses for the rings, and daily activity. If you tend to be hard on your hands and want to wear a ring daily, do not choose an aquamarine. However, if you are willing to do occasional wear or are gentle on your hands and  are prepared to clean the ring consistently and often, aquamarine can be a enchanting choice. 

Additional Aquamarine Tips:

Ring Sources
Top L-R:  
Seed & Pod Eternity BandSterling Silver $373 | Simply Princess Solitaire, Sterling Silver $871 | Stackable Marquise Leaf Ring, 14K White Gold $511

Center L-R:

Two-Finger Vine Ring, 14K Rose Gold with Sapphire $9,256 | Natalie Ring Round Cut Ring, 14K Rose Gold $2,061 Princess Aquamarine Ring, 14K Rose Gold $1,153

Bottom L-R: 

Samantha Emerald-Cut Ring14K Yellow Gold with Diamonds $1,138 | Solo Oval Ring, 14K Yellow Gold Ring $885 | Button Band14K Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds $636

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