Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Radiance of a Sunflower Wedding

The Sunflower signifies the end of summer and start of fall in my mental calendar when I start seeing their bright and large blooms fill bouquets at the local farmers market. All though the flower is now widely available all year long the growing season is typically July to September in the US. If you are an eco-minded bride and want the shine of these flowers in your wedding consider timing your nuptials with the sunflower growing season. 

The Sunflower is a wonderful choice for a wedding flower and ultimately, a theme. Mini sunflower blooms range in width from 1.25 inches to 3.5 inches, while large sunflowers range from 3 to 5.75 inches. If you are looking for a dominate flower and are on a limited budget, consider the sunflower for it's strength, beauty, and of course relatively cheap price. Stems run from $3.50 down depending on how many you order (whole sale prices from Whole Blossoms 9/2011). The great thing about a large flower is that it takes less blooms to make a statement in a centerpiece or bouquet. 

Are you a DIY bride? Make sure that the sunflowers have plenty of water. The article titled "How to Arrange Sunflowers" gives some great tips on how to preserve cut sunflowers up to two weeks.

My inspiration board takes advantage of the early fall season to incorporate the golden beauty of the sunflower with dark sage green, and brown accents. Sunflowers and barns go hand-in-hand in my head so a rustic, barn reception complete with tubs of beer gets the party started! 

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