Monday, June 4, 2012

Every Smell a Memory as seen on the West Virginia Wedding's Blog


It's the time of year when the trees shower us with their blooms and fill the air with sweet fragrance. One of my fondest memories from high school in West Virginia was during my junior year. I planned the prom with my best friends and guess who else helped? My Dad! He put together several beautiful bouquets of lilacs and dogwoods for our early May prom and carted them up to Snowshoe Mountain where our dance was located. Also a highly sought out reception venue, it's a beautiful place—I know from experience! 

One of the class sponsors liked my Dad's craftsmanship so much, she ordered 20 more bouquets of lilac and dogwood from a local florist. When I walked in that night, I was overwhelmed for many reasons—but the lilacs' fragrance and the delicate dogwood branches made our prom into such an elegant affair.

People still talk about that prom—not just the students who attended but the staff and teachers who "had" to attend. It's amazing what a flower can transform.

I know reading this, you may think you don't want your wedding to resemble anything remotely close to a high school prom. And it won't. Our prom didn't even resemble one.

I picked this theme this month because of the fond memories a whiff of lilac conjures for me. And that would be my hope for anyone who uses such a unique and fragrant flower—that the memories would be replayed upon each smell.