Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Coffee Brunch Celebration as seen on WV Weddings Blog

What's better to wake up to than the warm, comforting aroma of coffee brewing? Why not lend that comfort and energy to your wedding celebration? This inspiration board was inspired by the smell of coffee and the casual trend of burlap accents. 

Coffee is a perfect theme for an early March brunch, complete with brown bridesmaid dresses, creamy hydrangea bouquets tied up with burlap, and donuts for a mid-morning receptions. 

Best of all? All of the components of this wedding are fun, casual, yet lend an elegant air, but the cost is much lower than a former evening affair with a heavy dinner. 

Serve donuts with coffee, spike it if you like. Enjoy some mimosas and finger sandwiches. If it's warm enough play some croquet. Then send your guests off with a sweet burlap pouch of coffee beans. Not all of the guest coffee drinkers? Send them home with chocolate covered espresso beans, who wouldn't enjoy that boost? 



  1. Have always loved the flavor, aroma, and the color of coffee! So this board is truly lovely, as far as I'm concerned!

    1. Hi Lissa. Thank you for the nice comment. Yes, coffee is such a wonderful thing - perfect theme for an energetic, delightful wedding. :)