Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Favorite: Blue and Gold (Yellow)

With West Virginia Football in full swing, it feel it's only appropriate to develop a board inspired by the colors I bleed during football and basketball season. 

Blue and Yellow can be powerful colors, so I chose a bright yellow with gold tones and a deep navy to sooth the accent yellow. 

This palette is perfect for any time of the year, wether is be football fans celebrating their union in the fall or sailors tying the knot during the summer. It's a versatile color palette with white and yellow florals in season nearly all year long. 


4. Navy and Yellow ESTY Clutches  5. Navy Groom's Suit  6. Yellow Wedding Cake Photographer Jamie Clayton 
11. Bride and Groom Kissing 12. White, Navy, and Yellow Florals  Photographer Jamie Clayton 

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