Thursday, April 28, 2011

Up Early for the Royal Wedding

I am slightly surprised with myself, I have watched very little of the "Royal Wedding" marathons that each media company has simply, overdone. I guess it might be because I think no matter who you are and how many people you can invite; weddings are an intimate, romantic symbol of love, dedication, and what should be the commitment for all time. It's hard to do that in today's world and with a media storm of negativity and exe loves, perhaps I find it tiresome.

However, I truly am excited to see the dress that Kate Middleton wears, hopefully it won't be so wrinkled as beloved Di's but just as breathtaking in it's own right.

I will definitely be one of the billion viewers, up at 4 am in my time zone, to see her walk down the aisle. Perhaps I will wake early to make tea and biscuits for my family. Seems a worthy day...

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